Story-telling and local food

Uppigard Natadal in Seljord, Telemark, Norway
- Norwegian mountain farm presented in The New York Times, July 15, 2001
- French magazine «Grand Reportages» May 2002 showing how a contemporary fiddler learned to play from the waterfall troll «Fossegrimen»
-We have 22 guest rooms with 48 beds. Bed incl. breakfast NOK 485 - 660
-Banqueting hall and conference room in the old barn with logs from 1740
-Many cultural and farm activities

Programme for luncheon group visits:
1. Light talk about local legends, architecture and living conditions at this farm.
2. Guided tour among the log houses from the 18th century. The host tells fairy tales.
3. Serving a traditional meal.
4. Selling  postcards and local products.
5. Guided walk through the cultural landscape to the small forest lake.

1. Big buffet luncheon based on the farms own products NOK 430 (p/p)
2. Smaller buffet luncheon NOK 335
3. Norwegian porridge and salted, dried and smoked meat NOK 305
4. Traditional sausage made of sheep meat and dessert NOK 275

10% less for tour operator

Dinners (Price pr person in groups of 10 or more)
Sauer cream porridge, dried meat with scrambled eggs, Waldorf salad, potato salad, green salad: NOK 290,-

*Dinner menu with 3 courses, total price includes all courses:

*Main courses (choose one):
Fried char with sauer cream and cucumber salad: NOK 440.- 
Lamb casserole: NOK 390.- 
The farms own pigs as roast pork: NOK 450.- 
Smoked loin of pork, roast beef or roast lamb: NOK 470.- 
Roast reindeer: NOK 500.-

* Optional starters:
Smoked salmon, brine-cured salmon, smoked char from Fyresdal lake, seafood cocktail, ham with asparagus, mushroom soup or cauliflower soup.

*Optional desserts:
Home-made caramel pudding, ice cream with strawberries, ice cream with hot wild berries, cloudberries in whipped cream, fruit salad, brown Betty with whipped cream or cheese cake with strawberry sauce. 

Uppigard Natadal
Natadalsvegen 174, N-3841 Flatdal
Seljord. Telemark. Norway
Telephone: +47 350 65 900.  Mobile phone: +47 906 06 100
Web: E-mail:

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